Krasnaya Polana is a new but very famous and popular in Russia ski resort situated on the western end of the Caucasus not far from the city of Sochi and the shore of the Black Sea. Wonderful slopes, a non glacier terrain and very nice snow conditions are particularly good for heli-skiing.

Period of the programme: January - April

Variant of the programme:
day 1 - arrival in Moscow; transfer Sheremetyevo Airport - hotel; hotel accommodation
day 2 - transfer hotel - Vnukovo Airport; flight Moscow - Sochi; transfer airport - Krasnaya Polana; hotel accommodation
day 3/8 - five days of heli-skiing (5 ski descents every day) along ski runs with the next characteristics: start points: 2200 - 2600 m a.s.l., finish points (depending on snow conditions): 600 - 1500 m a.s.l., steepness: 15 - 60 degrees, descent times: 15 - 30 minutes and one day of alpine skiing with ski lifts
day 9 - transfer Krasnaya Polana - airport; flight Sochi - Moscow; transfer airport - hotel; hotel accommodation
day 10 - transfer hotel - Sheremetyevo Airport; departure from Moscow

Programme prices: see our trips and expeditions summary

Services and expenses included in the programme price:
  • All necessary formalities: Russian visa invitations and registration in Russia
  • Transfers airport - hotel in Moscow: 4 transfers
  • Hotel accommodation (double rooms, breakfast) in Moscow for 2 nights
  • Accompaniment in Moscow: 4 days
  • Airtickets Moscow - Sochi - Moscow
  • Transfers Sochi - Krasnaya Polana: 2 transfers
  • Local transfers hotel - helicopter and back: 5 days
  • Heli-skiing: 5 days with 5 ski descents every day
  • Alpine skiing with ski lifts: ski pass for 1 day
  • Hotel accommodation and meals (breakfast, lunchbox, dinner) in Krasnaya Polana for 8 days/7 nights
  • Two local ski guides with necessary avalanche search equipment and FM transceivers
  • Organizing and overhead expenses of Ersh Travels

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