(30-day variant Kashgar - Kashgar, ascents of climbed and unclimbed mountains)

The area of the Kokoser, Koktax, Kokosel, Salawor and Qongtan glaciers is located in the Western Kun-Lun on the southern side of the South part of the Muztagh-Ata Range. This area includes more than twenty very interesting peaks of 5600 - 6800 m and above with amazing snow-ice slopes and rock walls of any kind of difficulty.

Before our expedition in 2007 this region was almost unexplored and unknown for climbers. Only one Russian team of Andrey Lebedev visited these mountains: in 2002 they did a hard trek, crossed the Muztagh-Ata Range and descended along the Kokosel Glacier and in 2005 they did a traverse of peaks 6841 m - 6858 m, the other peaks were unclimbed. In 2007 our Finnish expedition (expedition leader Mr. Teemu Saarikivi, expedition manager Mr. Andrey Ershov) did four 1st ascents of peaks 6355 m, 6013 m, 6046 m and 6045 m but many other peaks and routes are still unclimbed.

Period of the programme: June - September

day 1 - arrival in Kashgar; transfer airport - hotel; night at a hotel
day 2 - shopping and preparation in Kashgar; night at the hotel
day 3 - drive along the Karakoram Highway via the Subashi Pass (~ 4072 m) to Rijek Village (~ 3483 m), 7-8 hours
day 4 - trek up with pack-animals to the place of the Kokosel Base Camp (~ 4462 m), 5-6 hours
day 5/8 - acclimatization and reconnaissance of the area of the Kokoser, Koktax, Kokosel, Salawor and Qongtan glaciers, 4 days
day 9/27 - ascents of climbed and unclimbed peaks (~ 5600-6800 m), 19 days
day 28 - trek down with pack-animals to Rijek Village; drive to Kashgar; night at the hotel
day 29 - rest and sightseeing in Kashgar; night at the hotel
day 30 - transfer hotel - airport; departure from Kashgar

Programme prices: see our trips and expeditions summary

Services and expenses included in the programme price:
- All necessary permits and formalities for China: invitations for Chinese visas, all necessary fees and charges for Xinjiang including a peak registration fee, an administrative fee, highway and conservation charges, an ecological fee, a payment for a general liaison officer of China Xinjiang Mountaineering Association (CXMA), etc
- Transfers airport - hotel in Kashgar: 2 transfers
- Bus / jeep for the transportation Kashgar - Rijek Village and back
- Pack-animals for the luggage transportation Rijek Village - Kokosel Base Camp and back (40 kg of luggage per person)
- Hotel accommodation (single and double rooms) in Kashgar for 4 nights
- Base camp equipment: a big mess tent, tables, stools, a mess kit, gas stoves and a cooking set
- Meals in Kashgar: 4 breakfasts
- Meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) in the mountains for 18 days
- Chinese cook for cooking in the mountains
- Chinese liaison officer-interpreter
- Expedition manager of Ersh Travels (optionally)
- Organizing and overhead expenses of Ersh Travels


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