(44-day variant Bishkek - Bishkek)

Located near the northern edge of the Tibetan Plateau Ulugh-Muztagh is the highest peak in the eastern section of the Kun-Lun Mountains. Due to its location, Ulugh-Muztagh is easily one of the most remote and inaccessible mountains in the world. Only two expeditions before us could reach Ulugh-Muztagh and summited it. The first was a Sino-American expedition in 1985, the second one was a Japanese expedition in 1989. Both expeditions reached the mountain from the eastern side and climbed it along the South-East Ridge. Many books and maps show 7723 m as a height of Ulugh-Muztagh but the Sino-American first ascent expedition gave it a height of 6973 m.

Our Finnish Ulugh-Muztagh - 2003 Expedition was the first that reached Ulugh-Muztagh from the West and summited unclimbed Western Ulugh-Muztagh Peak (6925 m) along the virgin West Ridge and six unclimbed 6000-m peaks not far from our BC.

Period of the programme: September - October

Variant of the programme:
day 1 - arrival in Bishkek (in the morning); drive to Tash-Rabat, 10-12 hours; yurt accommodation
day 2 - drive to the Torugart Pass, 3-4 hours; crossing the Kyrgyzstan-China border; drive to Kashgar, 3 hours; hotel accommodation
day 3 - drive to Hotan; hotel accommodation
day 4 - drive to Minfeng; hotel accommodation
day 5 - drive to Qiemo; hotel accommodation
day 6/12 - drive to the Ulugh-Muztagh Base Camp, 7 days
day 13/33 - reconnaissance and ascent of Ulugh-Muztagh (6973 m), 21 days
day 34/37 - drive to Qiemo, 4 days; hotel accommodation
day 38 - drive to Minfeng; hotel accommodation
day 39 - drive to Hotan; hotel accommodation
day 40 - drive to Kashgar; hotel accommodation
day 41 - Kashgar city tour
day 42 - drive to the Torugart Pass; crossing the China-Kyrgyzstan border; drive to Tash-Rabat; yurt accommodation
day 43 - drive to Bishkek; hotel accommodation
day 44 - transfer hotel - airport; departure from Bishkek

Programme prices: see our trips and expeditions summary

Services and expenses included in the programme price:
  • All necessary permits and formalities for Kyrgyzstan and China: Kyrgyz and Chinese visa invitations, registration in Kyrgyzstan, documents for Kyrgyz trucks and drivers, all necessary fees and charges for Xinjiang including a peak registration fee, an administrative fee, highway and conservation charges, etc
  • Two Kyrgyz trucks (4WD and 6WD) for the transportation Bishkek - Ulugh-Muztagh Base Camp and back and special payment for crossing the Kyrgyzstan-China border with trucks
  • Transfer hotel - airport in Bishkek
  • Hotel accommodation (double rooms, breakfast) in Bishkek for 1 night
  • Hotel accommodation (double rooms, breakfast) in Kashgar and hotel accommodation during the transportation Kashgar - Qiemo and back for 9 nights
  • City tour in Kashgar for 1 day
  • Yurt accommodation at Tash-Rabat for 2 nights
  • Meals during the transportation through Kyrgyzstan
  • Base camp equipment: a big mess tent, tables, stools, a mess kit, gas stoves and a cooking set
  • Fresh food for the meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) in the mountains (from Qiemo to Qiemo) for 20 days
  • Chinese cook for cooking in the mountains
  • Chinese liaison officer-interpreter
  • Expedition manager of Ersh Travels
  • Organizing and overhead expenses of Ersh Travels

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