NEWSLETTER OF 19.11.2000

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We have recalculated some of our programmes for the year of 2001 and now we can give you detailed enough information about the next our programmes:
- Ascent of Elbrus - 2001 (summer variants),
- Lenin Peak - 2001 Expedition,
- Khan-Tengri - 2001 Expedition.

Also, for the year of 2001 we have prepared three new programmes:
- Krasnaya Polana Heli-Ski Tour - 2001,
- Final of Ice Climbing Worldcup - 2001,
- Kuksay - 2001 Expedition.

Krasnaya Polana is a very beautiful mountain area and a new ski resort on the southern slopes of the Western Caucasus not far from Sochi, the famous Russian seaside resort on the Black Sea. That area is a very quiet place and has never had any troubles. The mountains around Krasnaya Polana are not very high but have very good conditions for heli-skiing and ski-touring on a non-glacier terrain from January till the first half of April. Also, there are four chair lifts there and good possibilities for apre-ski activities.

Ice Climbing Worldcup - 2001 (IWC-2001) will happen between Mt. Blanc and Siberia. The final of IWC-2001 (Difficulty Competition) will take place in Russian town of Kirov from March 9 till March 11. The best ice climbers will compete there on the artificial ice tower and you may watch their struggle. We have prepared the special programme for the fans of ice climbing and can invite you to visit this amazing ice show.

The Kuksay Glacier is situated on the eastern side of Muztagh-Ata (7546 m), one of the highest peaks of the Kun-Lun Mountains in Xinjiang, China. There are a lot of unexplored and unclimbed mountains of 5500 - 7000 m and higher there - Kala Peak (5643 m), Tayuk (6161 m), Koskulak Peak (7028 m), Kalaxong Peak (7277 m) and others. Only a few teams were there and only one route was climbed there - the team of Dan Mazur climbed Muztagh-Ata along the East Ridge this summer. It is possible to find climbing routes of any kind of difficulty there and do all climbs from the same Base Camp. In our Kuksay - 2001 Expedition we plan to climb at least two unclimbed summits - one peak of 5500 - 5800 m and the other one of 6000 - 7000 m or higher.

Contact us for more detailed information.


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