NEWSLETTER OF 11.02.2001

Dear Friends, Colleagues and Partners

Recently our Web site (http://www.ersh.sp.ru) has started its work and now you can see our programmes in Internet. Besides our traditional and new programmes you will find here some interesting ideas about expeditions in the Himalayas and Kun-Lun. Also, a lot of photos, drawings and maps will help you to prepare and organize your mountain trips. Unfortunately, the site is under construction and not all its parts are still working.

The Ice Climbing Worldcup - 2001 is coming to Russia and very soon the best ice climbers will compete in the Russian town of Kirov. Our programme will allow you to visit Russia from March 06 till March 11 and see the final of IWC-2001. Contact us and we will prepare all necessary things for your visit.

Our own high-altitude expeditions to Shisha Pangma and Gasherbrums we decided to move to the year of 2002. We have a very interesting idea about Dhaulagiri, 8167 m and we plan to do an expedition to that summit this autumn. Our idea includes an ascent along a new unclimbed route from the East and/or an ascent along the normal route from the North-East with a ski descent from the top. With the CET NEVA agency we have started the preparation and invite strong climbers and alpine skiers to take part in the expedition.

The other expedition idea concerns Kongur (7719 m), the highest peak of the Kun-Lun Mountains. The first and only one successful ascent was done by the British team of Chris Bonington in 1981 along the West Ridge via the Kongur Col. After that several expeditions tried to repeat the Bonington Route or to climb Kongur from the North and along the East Ridge but without any success.

Until now the South-East Face of Kongur has not only been climbed, it has not even been explored. None of climbers has been near the South-East Face and nobody has had good photos of that side of Kongur. In 1996 Dan Waugh from the USA did a solo trek around Kongur and tried to explore that region, but he was far enough from the South-East Face. Last summer a strong Russian team of Andrey Lebedev and Anton Chkhetiani did a hard trek in that area and got nice photos of the Kongur South-East Face. After that Dan Waugh has brought forward a very interesting idea of the exploration and climb of the South-East Face of Kongur. Because of a lot of organizational, financial and other problems we think to do such expedition in 2003.

Contact us for more detailed information.


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